AWARDS: VASILY GROSSMAN won the Canadian Jewish Literary Award  for biography, Saskatchewan Nonfiction Award, became a finalist in the 2019 National Jewish Book Awards, and was long-listed for the 2019 Cundill History Prize:

It has been chosen by the Christian Science Monitor among 5 best biographies of March 2019:

Recently I received a surprise message:

"Greetings from Los Angeles. We're writing to let 
you know that you have been included in our recently
published video wiki "Authors Producing Well-Researched
Ezvid Wiki published my profile and included my talk at the Canadian 
Jewish Literary Awards. If you choose to listen, skip the introduction part. 
The professor, apparently, never read my book and made misleading remarks
about its content. My talk begins at 3:37.

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Alexandra Popoff

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CBC Sunday Edition, January 2012 Interview (with Michael Enright) starts at 25.09 min.

BBC-TV documentary The Trouble with Tolstoy: At War With Himself starts at 44.54 min.

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